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I think there is untapped potential in exhibition texts. Viewers often resort to descriptions as the pathway into art appreciation, and good writing not only has the ability to accentuate the quality of the artwork and the message of the artist but can also assist the curator in clarifying the context and narrative of the display.

To achieve this, the writing should be precise: present clear-cut messages, concise: exempt from unnecessary descriptions, and coherent: allow comfortable reading experiences. 

Therefore, English translations should assume that readers are English speakers, rather than Mandarin speakers who understand English.


​Liz Chang

Liz Chang is a specialized translator who has lived for many years in the UK since the age of 6. Liz graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from National Chengchi University in 2010 and a Master's degree in Art History from the University of Edinburgh in 2012. Liz is currently a full-time translator, interpreter, writer, and content consultant based in Oxford, UK.


Liz has 15 years of experience as a translator and established Yun Art Studio in 2016. Liz has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan, the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, as well as several culture-related government sectors, public and private museums and galleries, orchestras, and artists. Liz has accompanied cultural delegations as the interpreter and provided translation and interpretation services in many international events, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Taipei Biennale, and Art Basel Hong Kong.

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