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Liz pays attention to the nuances between different languages and makes an effort to ensure the needs of the customer are met, smoothly transporting content between languages and rhetoric. Most importantly, Liz never misses a deadline.

——Museum Staff

Liz is an artist with words and approaches translation with the mindset of a designer. 


Liz is able to seamlessly adjust the wording without altering the message, allowing smoother reading experiences. Also, Liz never misses a deadline. A pleasure to work with.

——Gallery Assistant Curator

Ms. Chang's translation thoroughly expresses the rich cultural context and meaning of languages.

——Chinese Literature Professor

Efficient and precise. Highly recommended!

——Creative Professional

English translations should assume

that their readers are English speakers,

rather than Mandarin speakers who understand English.

Good art translation should aim to be unnoticeable

allowing viewers to direct their full attention to the display.​

As Seen In

Translation Services

Main Categories

Art criticism, curatorial statement, exhibition introduction, artist bio, artist's statement, work description, art catalogue, magazine, academic papers in fine art.


Academic papers and abstracts (music, literature, marketing), program notes, performance program sheet, tourism documents for public sectors, book, marketing and advertising, website, subtitles, biography, application documents for studying abroad.


Rates may differ according to content and urgency. All pricing is determined by the word count shown in the Word or Pages file. Documents less than 400 words are priced as 400 words.

Required Working Days

Documents with less than 1,000 words require 2 working days (excluding the day of reception, weekends, and national holidays).

Content Consultation Services

Chinese and English Content Consultation Services

Apart from translation between languages, we also provide translation between artistic expressions. Through discussions and conference calls, Yun Art Studio assists artists in interpreting visual artworks into text-based descriptions for different display settings.  


Please contact the studio for pricing. 

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